A symbol of eternity

We produce sanctuary oil lightscomposition oil lights and liquid sanctuary oil according to the liturgical recommendation, are Germany’s leading manufacturer in this field and have been based in Hamburg since the end of the 1920’s.

Under the brand name of »Aeterna«, we have been producing products of the highest quality for use in church and also as grave lights for a number of generations. They comprise 100% pure vegetable oil and fulfil the liturgical recommendation and also the RAL directives. With a careful selection of raw materials, responsible manufacturing and permanent quality control as well as, not least, our decades of experience, we guarantee purity, long burning and reliable functioning of our products.

The covers of the Aeterna sanctuary oil lights comprise microbiologically degradable Biocellat®, a cellulose acetate which is biologically decomposable, free of reservations for the cemetery compost heap or domestic refuse and even combusts without critical residues.