The company history


Foundation of the Dr. Grandel oil mill in Augsburg. Manufacture of technical products and sanctuary oil for the Catholic Church. Sanctuary oil candles on the basis of solid material were only developed 100 years later.


Move to Hamburg as the result of a corporate merger. Aeterna Lichte GmbH has since been a member of the Hamburg D.O.G. Group, a consortium of companies manufacturing oil products, additives, elastic grinding tools and products for the caoutchouc industry, amongst others. Production is done at the »Peute«, a traditional industrial location to the south of Hamburg city centre, directly behind the bridges over the Elbe.


Move to a generous new building with ultra-modern, computer-controlled production at the same location on a new property on the other side of the road. The Suffragan Bishop of the Archdiocese of Hamburg and the Canon of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of the North Elbe came to the festive opening with a number of guests. In an ecumenical service, they blessed the new location and prayed for health and economic success for the company and its employees in joint prayer. In his festive address, Prof. Dr. Wilfried Härle from Heidelberg reminded us of the joint responsibility of church and economy for the solution of social problems and suggested the establishment of »change agents« between the economy and the vicarage.