Product lines

Under the brand name of »Aeterna«, we have been producing liquid sanctuary oil and sanctuary oil lights for use in church and also as grave lights for a number of generations. They comprise 100% pure vegetable oil and fulfil the liturgical recommendation and also the RAL directives. With a careful selection of raw materials, responsible production and permanent quality control as well as, not least, our decades of experience, we guarantee purity, long burning and reliable functioning of our products.

The covers of the sanctuary oil lights and composition oil lights comprise microbiologically degradable Biocellat®. To ensure permeation of light, the side labels of the oil lights used as grave lights are now in a transparent finish, which means that the label no longer has to be taken off, as up to now. The sanctuary oil lights for liturgical use do not have any labels.

Matching additional sanctuary glass ware of ruby-red or uncoloured quality glass can be purchased from us.

Alongside the modern and clearly more practical oil lights in plastic covers, we are also the only provider in Germany to still provide liquid sanctuary oil, which was used exclusively in former times.

In addition, we produce three product lines of composition oil lights with an oil share of 30% respectively under the names of »Memoriam« and »Memoriam with golden lid« and »Memoriam with golden lid and motive«.


Sales are done exclusively via the trade. We shall be pleased to give interested final consumers the address of a trader in their vicinity. Just give us a call…