The quality

The name of AETERNA has always been connected with a high claim to quality with our customers and in the entire branch. It is secured by a system of controls, both of the raw materials and also of the finished articles, exceeding customary extents by a long way.

Most of the raw materials processed by us are products from nature (vegetable oil, cotton wick etc.). These natural materials by no means have constant properties. For example, two different batches of vegetable oil can have burning properties which greatly differ from one another. This is why we provide various types of wick to compensate these differences. To put it simply: oil which burns weakly needs a strong wick, oil which burns well has to be »decelerated« slightly by a weaker wick. This is determined in advance by our quality department. Production can only start when this preliminary test has been held and the matching wick has been determined.

But we do not rely on the preliminary test alone. This is why we take samples from daily production at regular intervals and subject them to a burning test, both in the laboratory and in the open air, under everyday weather conditions. The consumption of burning mass per hour is measured. In this way, we can quickly see whether the lights we have produced comply with the necessary burning times of 3 or 9 days, as the case may be.


In addition, we store samples from each day of production for one year in order to burn the lights and see whether the burning properties have changed.

Naturally, all of this is documented in writing, in order to be able to see at a later stage which raw materials were used when.

Only very precise examination, combined with our decades of experience, gives us the certainty that our lights really do achieve the burning times stated and also guaranteed by us.