The case of Biocellat®

Somehow, the question of transitoriness is quite obvious. There’s something wrong, we said to ourselves one day, if an eternal light goes out after one week and the cover remains as non-rotting refuse.

We inquired with the plastics-processing industry about ecologically justifiable alternatives to PVC, which had been used up to then. All we got was a gentle smile when we mentioned the quantities we needed.

That aroused our ambition. We finally found an open ear with the renowned Battelle Institute in Frankfurt. Together, we developed Biocellat®, a cellulose acetate, as the new material for the candle covers. It is biologically decomposable, free of reservations for the cemetery compost heap or domestic refuse and even combusts without critical residues.

That was in 1991. This development gave us courage, so we and other companies thinking the same way founded the IBAW, the Interest Group for Biologically Decomposable Materials, in Berlin.